The Creighton Model FertilityCare teaching program consists of an Introductory Session and follow-ups. The Introductory Sessions are free and anyone who is interested in learning what the system is about is invited to attend.

Following an introductory session, if the woman or couple decides that they would like to begin the program they will:

  • Pay the program setup fee.
  • Make an appointment for a first follow-up two weeks later.
  • Receive their preliminary instructions for charting.

Follow-Up Sessions

The follow-up sessions are where the learning of the system really happens. Couples receive one-on-one, customized teaching and feedback based on their own chart and use of the system.

The standard schedule look like this:

After the first year, Follow-Ups are held on an as-needed basis, or approximately every 6-12 months. Once a couple has learned to use the system, they can use it for life, through any reproductive changes they will experience.